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Articles & Interviews
Articles & Interviews

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Home Work - When Your Castle Is Also Your Office

"Using a Word Expander to Make Your Life Easier" - Summer 2007 Stepping Up (official newsletter of Career Step)

"A Sword for a Marine" - Spring 2006 Strategy Page (article)

"The Online Smorgasboard" - Spring 2003 SFWA Bulletin #157 (article)

"Reading and Writing in the Digital Age: An e-Publishing Overview" - Winter 2002 SFWA Bulletin #156 (article)

This article was quoted by Edgar-award-winning author Dana Stabenow in her "Defying Conventional Wisdom" keynote speech at the Bare Bones Writers Conference in San Diego (March 29, 2003).

Articles appearing in 2001's Plane Talk, the Austin Association of Remodeling Contractors (AARC, now Austin NARI)'s official newsletter:

Fishing Through the Internet

"Don't Gimme Those Straining-My-Hands-at-the-Laptop Blues" Summer 2001 SFWA Bulletin #150 (article)

"Cyberstalking and Internet Safety FAQ" (article first posted in June 2000)

GirlGeek of the Week - June 2000 (interview)

Primetime TV interview by KVUE - April 10, 2000 ("Virtual Volunteer" series)

"The Human Side of the Internet: SafePlace in Cyberspace" - April 3, 2000 (article)

"On the Spot with Rachel Hartman" InnerMidst Magazine - March 2000 (featured profile)

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