Looking ahead to 2020

I can’t deny it’s been a rough year.  I’ve lost a beloved cat, something I’m still processing, and a company reorg meant I got a nice severance package but have been left with the question of “What do I do now?”


I’ve been taking advantage of the free time to spin and knit, as well as watch the TV shows and movies, and read the books I’d been meaning to get around to eventually.  But I’ll be glad of the chance to work again.

It’s so hard to say goodbye

It’s hard, losing a pet, even when you know the day is coming and have told them, “It’s okay if you want to go.  I love you, but I don’t want you hurting.


My Sneakers was a pretty girl who grew up to be an elegant queen, then a cranky dowager.  I wouldn’t have had her be anything less than what she was.


It never fails.  I start out creating something, get to a point where I’m satisfied with it, and then boom.  I think of improvements.  Or I think of a completely different approach that would be better, but deploying would mean tearing down a lot of what I’ve already done.


Good thing I’m not afraid of a re-do.


So, I launched the new website last week, and already I’ve jettisoned a few things, mostly stuff that I realized I was holding over from the previous version of the site.  Despite my grumbling, I’m pleased with the results, and I think the build is more flexible, which pleases me.  Future revisions will come, and I might as well keep an open mind, realizing that at this point there’s no way I can know everything about what revisions may or may not be necessary.

New Website

It’s been a while since I messed around with this website, but recent circumstances led me to say, why not?  And while I was messing about, why not play around with the SitePad tool offered?


Does anybody else remember the days when you had to use Notepad to write HTML?