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Grab a chair and sit a spell while I talk about my wonderful supportive husband, our three demanding but lovable cats, and our lives together.

I’m a writer, a knitter/spinner/weaver, a young stroke survivor, and a type 2 diabetic.  I read a lot.  I enjoy cooking.  Social media buttons are below.


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You can reach me at queries AT rachel-r-hartman.com.

My interests

Subject to change, because so am i

My writing

I write fiction and non-fiction.

  • Articles
  • The Sneakers Saga (saying goodbye to my oldest cat)
  • Videos (my brief but lucrative life writing scripts for YouTube/Daily Motion videos)
  • Not Making (my posts about what to do when your creative mojo is in hiding)

My crafting

I spin, dye, knit, and weave at various levels of expertise.

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