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Knitting will always be my first fiber art love.  It’s the craft I first learned, and the first craft I picked up again as an adult.  I owe a lot to the Knitting Help website for helping me re-learn old skills and acquiring new ones.


My needles are the KnitPicks Interchangeable sets in both nickel-plated and wood.  I prefer knitting with circulars rather than straights; I find circs are better suited to the variety of projects I enjoy creating.  I tend to buy yarn from KnitPicks as well, but I also like shopping at Paradise Fibers, DBNY, and of course WEBS.  After I learned to spin, I started incorporating my homespun into my projects.


I tend to make practical items – hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, shawls, kitchen towels – with the occasional decorative item.

Christmas stocking with poinsettia motif
Christmas stocking with poinsettia motif


Pattern:  Tree in the Snowy Woods


This was a present for my stepmother, though I played around with the colors.  As the original pattern is written, the design at the cuff is a band of holly in green with red berries.  The first time I knitted this pattern I followed that color suggestion, but when I was trying to decide on the stepmum present, I remember she’d once given a sermon about some poinsettias originally gifted to the altar.  She’d tried to give the poinsettias away to members of the congregation, but the people had been reluctant to take the gift.  I decided this was the perfect theme for a present, and proceeded to swap the colors accordingly.  I didn’t have any appropriately yellow yarn on hand, so I spun up some Shetland wool and dyed it.